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Green Ambassadors

MacPherson Green Ambassadors

How are we helping our estate's environment?

Together with the grassroots leaders and resident volunteers, Ms Tin Pei Ling come together on an on-going and regular basis to pick litters in the estate to show their commitment and play an active role in keeping the environment clean. Residents are strongly encouraged to be socially responsible and advised to look out for litterbugs so that volunteers can approach them for counselling. House visits are conducted to encourage residents to practice the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout to prevent mosquito breeding at their homes.

Our Objective 

This local scheme aims to provide an extension to the existing SkillsFuture initiative for the seniors of MacPherson. We hope that they will continue to pursue their passion for learning, and equip them with skills that will improve their lives in a Smart Nation.

Get in Touch

Want to find out more about MacPherson Green Ambassadors? Visit us at our Meet-the-People's session every Monday, for more details.

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