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Art at MacPherson

because MacPherson isn't just a place to stay. It's the place we live.

Art Initiatives in MacPherson

Litterarti Wall 

Litterati Wall is located at the playground in front of Blk 37 Circuit Road. MacPherson residents were engaged in the creation of this installation which transforms everyday disposable objects into a visually striking work of art in the heartlands. Litterarti Wall has become a community-made art installation which livens u MacPherson and re-imagines the value of the humble bottle cap.

With the incorporation of Reuse and Recycle in the arts, we wanted to make learning more interesting and widening the outreach to MacPherson residents. Children are encouraged to be bold and use their creativity to create the toy they want. They also learn valuable lessons, like resource management and sharing, interaction and teamwork.

Starry Nights (Artwork at HDB)

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Women Through the Generations

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Get in Touch

Want to find out more about Art @ MacPherson? Visit us at our Meet-the-People's session every Monday, for more details.

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